Upperbloom for business

Shining greenery in your company at all times, without the worries. Because we make sure it always looks its very best.

Ever-shining plants.

  • Upperbloom fits every business.

    Our plant + planter combinations turn any place into a green oasis.

  • Plants that always shine.

    Making and keeping your business green is easy with our service.

  • We fix it.

    Our trained green experts advise, install and take care of the plants for you. Is a new season approaching? Then your exterior will change too with our plant swaps. Does a plant need some extra love and attention? Our green experts will swap the plant so your outdoors will always look its best.

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Who we already help

Van Zanten - Rotterdam
Wester Paviljoen - Rotterdam
Loos - Rotterdam
The Generator Hotel - Amsterdam
Hannekes Boom - Amsterdam
Carhartt Kantoor - Amsterdam
Dentsu - Amsterdam

Our service is used here

hospitality offices real estate museums sport clubs hotels

Wondering if it can be done for you as well?
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Starting is simple

  1. Intake

    With a free intake and site visit we discuss your needs.

  2. Advice

    We determine which planters and plants are suitable for the location and your wishes. You will receive a non-binding quote from us.

  3. Installation

    In agreement, we can often deliver and install within ten working days.

  4. Maintenance / Plant swaps

    Get the most out of the season and enjoy our plant swaps. In coordination with you, we periodically visit you for maintenance and plant swaps.

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Who has gone before you

“ Upperbloom was a no-brainer. My terrace now always looks its best.”

Onno Zwart - Pont 13

Premium planters

  • Standard in white, gray or rust. Custom color on request.
  • Smart, strong, and durable design.
  • Always equipped with a water meter and 8 liter water tank.

Shining plants

  • Selected and curated by our team of floral designers and growers.
  • Enjoy strong winter hardy plants to colourful seasonal bloomers.
  • Always tailored to the type of outdoor space and your needs.

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